Rodents Multiply So Rapidly Residents Can’t Control Infestation

Low temperatures reduce the circulation of insects, but the Chicago cold weather drives rodents to look for warmer places to nest, and your home is a perfect target. According to experts in residential pest control services chicago il is ranked the “rattiest” city, and with temperatures dropping residents find it becomes even more challenging to eradicate rodents.

Rodents seek heat. That is why, during the summer they scurry around the streets, living within dumpsters and vacant lots, but in the winter season they dig into the nearest houses where they find protection from the cold and free food. And apartments are not exempt; rodents can climb up through the walls, moving from floor to floor, and settle around warm pipes. And mice and rats can take advantage of any small crack or gap to infiltrate your space.

Why Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Rarely Works

Most homeowners try to eradicate rodents with bait, however, experts say rodents multiply so quickly that it’s difficult for residents to really eradicate the bunch. Where one has been caught, another one or three are hiding. Rats are famous for their great reproductive capacity. The females can go into heat throughout the year every 4 or 5 days, in short periods of a few hours. Normally each litter of rats usually has a number between 8 and 12, although they can reach 24.

Each rat is sexually fertile at five weeks, so some estimates indicate that in a year and a half a couple of rats can have a million descendants, so it becomes impossible to get a hold of this problem before it quickly turns into an infestation. With their presence, rodents spread diseases and cause serious damage once they are inside. They transmit bacteria and germs, carry fleas, lice and mites, pollute the environments and can cause serious diseases. Even the accumulation of their feces favors the development of bacteria and triggers allergic reactions in humans.

Additionally, just their droppings can spread a host of diseases and viruses. In turn, the material damage rodents cause is usually in the hundreds. Due to their continuous need to chew, and deteriorate all kinds of materials such as plastic, wood, fabric and wiring, paralyzing buildings because of short circuits or lack of voltage, breakdowns in telephone lines and even causing fires.

How to Prevent and Protect Against Rodents

For all the reasons mentioned, it is essential to combat rodents. The lack of cleanliness of your home or neighboring houses, or nearby abandoned buildings encourage the proliferation of mice and rats. Experts in pest control say pay attention to changes in the home. Holes or cracks that enlarge in different spaces or elements need to be sealed, and clean spaces with water and bleach. Bottom line is that it’s not easy to control rodents once they infiltrate your home. The best defense against mice and rats is having pest control professionals walk through your premises to check for easy access points and telltale signs of any infestation.