American Rodents: The Invasion of Rats and Mice in Major U.S. Cities

Modern American city dwellers have been noticing something alarming on their landscape. Rats and mice have been showing up in great numbers within their homes, inside of the sewer system and within downtrodden neighborhoods. They even make their presence known in upscale communities as well. Rats and mice are everywhere. They have been growing in record numbers. Now, in 2019, they are on the verge of a major invasion that wreak havoc on modern city dwellers and their way of life.

Why Is The Rodent Population Exploding?

The The New Republic is an online magazine. In 2017 this online journal reported a story about the exploding rodent population. In the story, the New Republic cited a rodent expert by the name of Bobby Corrigan. This rodent expert said that the rodent explosion is the result of the warm winters and the hot summers. In other words, rats no longer slow down their mating habits because the weather is warmer, which causes them to be more active. Rats are now taking advantage of the warmer winters. They see the warmer seasons as a perpetual excuse to breed.

Rats Are Invading American Homes

Rodents who live in the country normally dwell in forests or in underground homes. However, city rats like residing inside of people’s homes. Rats and mice have been known to live inside of houses, condos and apartment buildings. They come into these dwellings to get away from the cold or the extreme temperatures. They also come inside to avoid natural predators within their environment. Pestworld explains that rodents typically make their presence known inside of the kitchen, basement or living room. Once a rat or mouse gets inside of a residence it is almost impossible to get them out. Using any rodent control services temecula ca or an exterminator can help to get rid of these dangerous creatures.

The Problems That Rodents Bring To Homes

Have you ever heard of the bubonic plague? If you haven’t heard of this historical event, it happened during the 14th century. It was a time when rodents and animals ran wild throughout Europe and infested major cities. One of the worst creatures that promoted this plague was the rat and mice were just as problematic. Rat infestations during the 1300s in major European cities were so bad that they managed to kill 1 in 5 people inside the city of London during that era. Rats have the potential to do serious harm. Modern cities know this truth. They are doing everything they can to control rat populations. Otherwise, another pandemic of rats causing the Black Death could occur.

What Are Cities Doing To Get Rid Of Rodents?

The only real way that cities can get rid of rats is through improved sanitation. Rats are smart. They developed a sense to avoid traps and poisons. They will help their own kind out of traps and from getting eliminated through human extermination methods. Rats care about their own. They will fight to survive. They can reproduce up to 12 pups (babies) within 5 weeks of being born. Rats are resilient. Still, humans can defeat these horrid beasts by keep their sewer systems and personal dwelling clean and free of garbage and refuse. They can also use natural predators such as dogs, cats, owls, falcons and weasels which despise rats.