What You Need to Know When Working With a Fence Contractor

As the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. They’re a way of separating your property from those around you, establishing barriers, and maintaining some privacy. As the Wikipedia entry on fences notes, they are different than walls in that they don’t have a solid foundation along the entire length of them. They can be made of various materials but are usually either made of wood or chain links.

People with pets and/or children often put up fencing around their homes in order to keep them from roaming off the property. Gardeners also like fencing because it helps to keep animals away from their flowers or edible plants they are growing. If a home includes a pool a fence around it is mandatory as it stops children from entering the pool and possibly drowning in it. Homeowner’s insurance companies require a fence around a pool, in fact, or they will refuse to insure the home due to the huge liability risk.

There are tradeoffs between chain link fencing and wood planks. The wood planks look nicer and give some privacy as they solidly block off neighbors. Some people like chain link fencing as it doesn’t obstruct their vision and makes the yard feel more open. However, the trade-off is that chain link fencing looks rather industrial rather than something that belongs around a home.

It is usually best to have a fence contractor install a fence so that they look professionally done and enhance the value of the home. Most fence contractors are small, local businesses who specialize in installing fences. There are a number of Ohio fence company standing ready to install fences, for instance, who are licensed, bonded, and insured for such work.

As this article relates, most fence companies employ an estimator who determines how much a fence will cost to install. The builders of the fence are the other set of field employees these companies have hired. When you’re dealing with a large fence company it is often the case that the estimator doesn’t really work with the builders because they are solely focused on just doing job estimates.

It is usually the case that you will need to be home when the fence estimator shows up. It’s a pretty big liability issue for the estimator to wander the property on their own and most fence companies don’t want to take on this risk. The estimator will measure the distances for where the homeowner wants the fencing and discuss with them what style of fencing they have in mind. Some estimators offer the contract right after doing the measuring while at other companies they will mail the estimate.

It usually takes a month to a month in a half for the builders to show up after the contract has been accepted by the homeowner. It can take even longer if the fence company is backed up with other projects to do. Sometimes the work is delayed because of bad weather as well, or they are waiting on the materials to show up.