Some Of The Requirements Of The Plumbing Profession

Plumbing jobs can be pretty tough, and there can also be difficult steps you take to finally become a plumber. Don’t get discouraged though, having a plumbing career can be beneficial for you if you don’t mind the long hours and surprises. This skill is very special and you’ll learn more with each different experience. Plumbers are one of the highest paid construction jobs, the profession can require on call availability, most of the time a plumber needs to hold a license.

Highest Paid Construction Jobs

Plumbers tend to be the highest paid per hour when it comes to completing any type of building work. When you’re first starting out as an apprentice you can expect to earn about half the rate of a seasoned plumber. The specialty you choose as a plumber will also dictate your earnings. Local government plumbers make significantly less that natural gas plumbers. At least a third of all types of plumbers working in the U.S. are a part of a union.

On Call Availability

Emergencies happen at all hours of the day. It is important for a plumber daphne al to be available to save businesses and families from major disasters. Unfixed plumbing issues can lead to massive floods, building damage, and even sewage issues depending on what type of problem is not being handled. If you’re considering a plumbing job you’ll have to be prepared for most of your companies to ask you to take an on call or evening shift. When you have your own company your emergency calls will bring in more money because on call services are always offered at a premium and customers are aware of this.

Licensing Requirement

A plumbing license is required in some states before any plumbing work can happen. Sometimes there is a contractor exam that has to be passed after the license is applied for. Unfortunately, not all plumbers are free to perform after they get their state license because some counties and cities require a license to work in those respective areas as well. In a lot of cases having a license will allow the plumber to bid on projects and apply for any permits. Bidding is something that will get better as you become more strategic while you gain experience. Each job you win is a small victory and some can be really big projects. You’ll only need a permit for your large jobs and those typically require you to give information about yourself, your company, and details on the work you plan to perform.


When you decided that you want to become a plumber you should be fully prepared for the steps you have to take. It all starts with your education, but this article highlighted some of the nice and not so glamorous parts of the process after school is done. You may have be entitled to earn more money, but you will be subject to an on call career, and submitting applications for a plumber’s license.