How to Keep Your Home’s Septic System Working Perfectly

The septic tank on your property is a silent powerhouse. Itkeeps waste away from the residents of the house and contains it in a securedsystem. The septic system often involves the piping to the actual tank andanother pipe that goes to the leech field. When the tank becomes full, theexcess waste will go through the pipe and out into the leech field on theproperty. This brings waste away from the home to give you time to have thetank emptied. It is important to hire a local residential septic tank cleaning madison wi professionals at the first sign of a septic problem. 

When is it Time to Clean Out a Septic Tank? 

A septic tank should be pumped out every three to five years. The amount oftime between cleanings depends on the amount of people living in the home andthe amount of waste that is produced. For example, a family with five childrenwill need their septic system pumped a lot more often than the tank of anelderly gentleman living on his own. If you have recently purchased a home, itmight be a good idea to have the professionals come in and empty the tank foryou just to start fresh as the property’s new owner. It is better to over-pumpthe system rather than ignore it since dealing with sewage leaksand backup is a literal nightmare. 

How to Look for Septic Tank Problems and Damage 

One of the first signs of septic tank troubles is a backup of sewage either inthe home or flooding on the property’s leech field. This is a sign that thereis a problem with the septic tank and that it needs to be emptied. In moresevere cases, the tank may show signs of these problems because it hascollapsed and needs to be replaced. Only a professional septic company will beable to both pump the tank as well as examine it for any cracks or corrosion. Asimple clog at a sink or in the tub doesn’t necessarily mean that you have afull septic tank. In most cases, small clogs and light sewage backup could justmean a problem with the line going to the septic tank. 

Hiring the Professionals to Clean the Tank 

Unless you are fully trained and able to clean your own septic tank, it needs tobe left to the professionals. These experts come out to your home with a largepumping machine. They will hook up their hose to the tank and pump out itscontents. They then bring their truck back to the city water plant where it isdumped and processed with other residents’ sewage. The process is a lot quickerthan you might think and as long as you keep up with your tank’s cleanings, youshould never have to worry about a tank that becomes corroded, collapses or aleech field that is filled with sewage.